Sports Equipment Labels
Frequently Asked Questions
What are your prices?
Standard personalised label £4.00.
Custom design £4.00.
Duplicate copies £1.00 each.
For quantities over 25 please contact us.

Special deals are avilable for clubs, shops and schools.
I want labels for my club / shop / school
There are a few options for this, ranging from a simple print run, to getting a set of personalised labels for your club members. See the options on the clubs page.
Where do you deliver? How long will it take?
We are based in the UK and will post labels to almost any country. We process the order in 1 or 2 days then delivery is by standard airmail or first class. Airmail to USA usually takes 3 days, but can occasionally take upto 2 weeks.
Can I have pictures and logos on my label?
Yes, we can turn any image into a label. Make your own design and save as an image file, then submit a custom design. Or if you have a specific design in mind but don't know how to make it then contact us.
Do you do coloured labels?
The labels have two colours, foreground and background, then any shades between these two. The background can be transparent or flourecent, see options on the order page.
About the labels...
  • built for no-nonsense, industral applications
  • the print goes under the top layer, so they wont fade or scratch and can withstand heavy abrasion
  • tested to withstand lengthy exposure to water, sunlight and chemicals
  • tested in extreme temperatures from -50°C to 300°C
  • can be removed cleanly without leaving a residue
How long will they last?
The oldest recorded label regularly used in a beach environment was 8 years. Unfortunately the board broke, the label was still fine. Certainly you should expect them to last until it is time to sell your board, and when you do they come off cleanly.
More questions...?
Feel free to ask them on the contact us page.
Bulk Orders
Logos and Pictures
More questions...?