Type 1: Standard

Flat Labels

The standard labels are for flat or slightly curved (in one direction only) surfaces. The label corners can be cut square or rounded, as you prefer. Choose high contrast colors to stand out like orange or yellow, or go more subtle with a clear background or match to the color of the equipment being labelled.

Before attaching a label...

  • Choose a surface that is flat and smooth. Do not stick the label over ridges, textures, holes or curves but a cylindrical shape is ok.
  • The surface must be clean and absolutely dry, if necessary rinse any sand and salt off and then thoroughly dry it.
  • The backing paper is split along the middle to aid peeling, try not to touch the sticky side. Once applied do not reposition the label.
  • Press down firmly with your thumb all over the label, especially the edges.

Type 2: Wrap

Wrap Labels

Wrap labels are for sticking around poles, tubes and bars. They wrap over themselves giving an extra secure grip. Great for canoe paddle, trekking poles, ski poles, kitesurf control bar, etc.

Attaching a wrap label

  • The label will wrap over itself so you should apply the non-printed end first that is going to get partly covered.
  • The label should be at 90° to the pole. If not then the ends won't overlap exactly, but don't worry that won't affect the label.
  • Tip: to help you line up the label at 90° use something with a right angle such as a table corner, a hardback book or a cereal box.
  • Note that if the tube is tapered then there will naturally be an offset where the label overlaps itself, like in the drum beaters shown below. Do not try to force an exact overlap.

Type 3: Flag

Flag Labels

A flag label goes around a line, folds over and sticks to itself. When attached they look like a little flag. They are sized to fit the bridle lines of kites, that's 2-3mm approx. diameter. If you wanted a flag label for something else that's bigger then get in touch or let us know in the instructions section of the order form.

Because they are not attached to something solid, flag labels will wear more quickly than regular flat labels. Eventually after a few years a flag label may look creased and a bit tatty but it won't detach until you cut it off.

Attaching a flag label

  • Bear in mind that the label only remains stuck to itself, so it may eventually move up and down the line.
  • When attaching to a kite bridle choose a short bridle close to the kite and not connected to a pulley.
  • Take care to line up the label before folding, do not attempt to unpeel and restick. If you want to get it just right check out the flag labels attachment guide.

Type 4: Mini

Mini Labels

Small, unobtrusive labels, these are cheaper and come in sets of 4 for the same price as 1 standard label. Handy for labelling smaller items and as secret labels. They are 24mm long, width varies by design.

Secret labels

Whilst on holiday equipment can be pilled high and you might worry about it getting "lost". Attached in a hidden place, these labels can help if your gear gets stolen or genuinely mixed up. Get creative on where to hide them, under a footpad or binding is a good start.